A Lost Angel
Welcome ^_^


I think, this site is dying and noone ever visits it. x_x I'll leave the site like this for now since I'm busy in real life.. x_x


I updated the site! Enjoy the updates~




After a (long) time i finally updated again.
I added a page for Chistmas and new year avatars. It's a bit late for that, but better late then never.
And I made some "quick jumps" so you can jump from page to page faster with a few subjects. ^_^ Like with "text" avatars since i have 35 pages there.. I don't even know how i got that many..

Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice Xmas! Enjoy old years eve and new year eve stuff!



So, this is the new layout ^_^
It took me a while to make all the new pages and make all the pages good.

If you want to use avatars from my site then please download them. As you can see i uploaded all the avatars again. (I used imageshack first but some people told me they were having problems so that some images could get deleted T_T") I have all my avatars now on photobucket.com. But.. I can get bandwidth problems if everyone uses the links from my photobucket.
So I would like it if you want to use a avatar from me that you download it and upload it somewhere yourself.

Some avatars i had on my site i didn't download myself, but i didn't delete the old pages yet.
I will upload the missing avatars sometime when i have time and nothing to do. (Can take a while tho.)

Anyway, I hope you like the site.. ^__^. Have fun with it~.


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